BlackBerry 7100g Coming to Cingular?


Cingular BlackBerry 7100gRumor has it that Cingular will be launching their own exclusive version of the 7100 to compete with T-Mobile. The 7100 is the latest offering from RIM which provides a high resolution 260×240 LCD screen, bluetooth, and quad-band GSM/GPRS. Additional features include free Instant Messenger client and SureType technology that automatically predicts words when typing. Other 7100 models are provided by Rogers, Vadofone, and T-Mobile.

  • Dave Zee

    It is the 26th, any word from cingular?

  • Matt

    Last week I received an ad in my email from Cingular that the 7100g is avilable via their National Businss Accounts. On 2/21 I called that office and, after being on hold for an hour and disconnected twice, I was told that the 7100g is “not on their ordering system”, despite the ad being sent out.

    Then I went to my local Cingular store and the manager said that it was indeed taken off their system. He speculated that they just ran out in the one week that it was available. He expected that it would be available again soon but didn’t have any idea as to when.

    Has anyone else had such an experience? Has anyone successfully purchased one of these via Cingular?

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