Blackberry Deals On The Web!


We will try to post an article every week or month about the various deals on the web for new Blackberry handhelds and activation. We are in no way associated with any of these stores and do not make a dollar off mentioning them. For now the list will only be US carriers because they are the most friendly to outside vendor sales. Most of these prices are after rebates so make sure to read the fine print for rebate eligibility before buying anything.

The List:

Blackberry 6230 – Free from T-Mobile
T-Mobile $249

Blackberry 7230 – $49 from T-Mobile
Amazon – $99 from T-Mobile
T-Mobile – $299

Blackberry 7290
Amazon – Free from Cingular
Cingular – $249

Blackberry 7510 – Free from Nextel

Blackberry 7100t
Karbon System – $99
T-Mobile – $199