BerryVine Messenger Totally Disappointing


Yesterday we reported that BerryVine Messenger was released. It seemed very promising the ability to directly connect to MSN servers so you did not have to pay a monthly subscription fee like Verichat or WebMessenger. Today we downloaded the program and was very disappointed in it. The program is slow, takes forever to load, horrible user-interface, crashes whenever I try to message someone. Any self-respecting software publisher would not even call this an alpha-release but RSIC(the company that produces this garbage) has the audacity to charge $35 for it. I was going to write a full review on BerryVine but the first 5 minutes of trying to run the program was spent looking at an hour glass only to be saved by a java.null error so I said forget it.

Don’t waste your time on this program, but if you want to see how bad it is you can download a trial from their website …

  • Masud

    Check out the new 1.1 version. It has all the direct TCP connection (without MDS/MDG) related issues solved.

  • Hussein

    I just bought this product and yes…it is very slow even with the TCP connections and no MDS in the middle…

    My msn contact list is huge….around 80 contacts and anytime i logged in using the berryvine client, i got my connection terminated.

    If you cut down your msn contact list i find that you no longer get your connection cut but it’s still very slow…

    i also get a connection error when scrolling “too fast” through my msn list in the bv client….i do remain to stay online though…

    serious improvements need to be made to this product before it can be mass market saleable….nevertheless a good idea

  • Donald Mann

    Progam is slow, hard to use and unstable. (Version 1.12). The only good thing about it is its pricing structure. But if it doesn’t work . . . . If the developer can get his act together and fix the shortcmings it might be worth getting. Otherwise stick with Verichat or WebMessnger.