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We got our hands on another Texas Hold’em game, but this one from Concrete Software. At first glance the game is not very polished, simple graphics, awkward UI, but when it comes to the actual game play, Aces Texas Hold’em shines with its great AI.


The game is not the prettiest game out there, they can make the game menu and in game graphics better. The user interface is where the game needs the most major work. I am not a fan of having to click the wheel to pop up the menu and then select what I want to do. To make a raise it takes a minimum of 5 clicks on the scroll wheel, there needs to be an easier solution. Also for the life of me I do not understand why the “enter” button is not mapped to make a selection. With the bad UI it does take awhile to complete a game, this could be a plus or a nuisance for some.

But when you can pass the bad UI, this game is great. The AI is better than Magmic’s Hold’em game, in Concrete’s version you can actually bluff the computer where as in Magmic’s you will always get called when you go “All In”. The game plays more like real life where players tend to fold rather than take a chance on the flop. Maybe the computer is too eager to fold, I played one hand where the computer in the “big blind” position folded before the flop. That was pretty funny, and I have to admit that I did only see that happened once. AI’s are actually based on 5 levels from Dead Money to Grand Master, you can customize your opponents levels which is a useful feature. It’s actually fairly accurate, if you have a table of mixed AI levels it’s usually the Grand Masters who last longer.

Another area where the game shines is the customization of the game. You can set the blinds to whatever you want, you can determine the time it takes to increase the blinds, your starting pot, opponent’s starting pot, your name, opponeant’s name and skill level, tons more. What you can’t do is play any World Series type of tournament play, which Magmic offers but Concrete lacks. There’s also no networking play, where you can compete against others score. It’s very unfortunate because the game would be that much better if it had those features.


Even though Ace’s Texas Hold’em has a horrible user-interface, lacks any tournament play, and has no networking capabilities it still is a great buy. The game excels where it should, in game play. The AI is great, plays more human than Magmic’s hold’em version. It still has its kinks but we will totally recommend the game. You can get it from for $9.99


* AI is superb.
* High customization of the game.
* Great technical support.


* Horrible user interface.
* No networking play.
* No World Series tournament type of play.

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