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  • Noah Eastwood

    YO! when ever I try to go into app world it says “device restart is required to complete some of the actions you preformed” but when I restart the device and go on app world the same message comes up?!!


  • Miracle Morales

    Hello,I need someone to really help me in this situation,I met this guy at the airport, and he gave me his Blackberry Pin to add him on BlackBerry messenger.Once i couldnt add him right away because i as having trouble on my BlackBerry so i went and purchaced a new BlackBerry 9300.I have kept the note he gave me for months now,The problem is i tried adding him and it wouldnt add him,He gave me a 7 digit pin , doesnt BlackBerry Messenger Pin’s require 8 digits?Is there any possible way that a pin can be 7 digits?Would really appreciate someones help!Iv been stuck on this for months and really want to add him to my Blackberry Messenger.
    Thank you !Much appreciated,Regards,Sarah.

  • rim kaddour

    HELP! i have a bb curve 8520 when i reboot it(take out the battery or press alt+Aa+delete) it stops loading at a certain point and never continues and  when ever i restart it again it stops at the same point what should i do ?????????????????????????????

  • AUK84

    whenever I connect my device to computer it starts charging instead of tranferring data, and it does not show as removeable disk on my computer? what should I do?

  • Mrshutcherson17

    it wont let me send messages at all what do i do?????? please help! 

  • Fares Awwad

    i have question and i really need an answer as soon as possible, if i bought blackberry 9900 from canada. Can i recieve messages or bbm in arabic language or it wouldnt work? and will the arabic language be available to switch while using?


    Heyy i have a blckberry and it is not in service, but i want to be able to use it at home with wifi. it was working and then i wiped the blackberry and now i doesnt work beside the wifi there is just that white line no green checkmark

  • nelly

    I changed my email address and I also forgot my password so if I reset it they sending me an email to that old one. So is it possible to change to my new email

  • nelly

    I changed my email address and I also forgot my password so if I reset it they sending me an email to that old one. So is it possible to change to my new email

  • mk

    I have a blackberry torch 9800 and every time I try to download apps or games from the external browser it will show the download box and start to download but then it says 909 authentic application failure and when I try to go options security advanced security settings certificates and type rcrt it won’t work

  • Denise

    Hi I have a black berry bold 9780 and a few weeks ago I found a option on it that sed I can post a qeustion online that was its name but now I can’t remember where that option was and I looked all over but can’t find anything pls help nd tell me where I can find that again tanx

  • ain

    hello. i’ve lost my blackberry past few days. is that possible for me to track my blackberry using blackberry protect? unfortunately, my blackberry had run out of battery, and i can’t call my phone. any suggestion? help me please.

  • zakiyyahali.3

    i have a problem with my blackberry 9780, when i take a picture it says my pictures are encrypted this doesnt let me save my pictures on my media card unless i save them on my device now my device memory is full & ive tried putting different media cards in, hover it still happens, its been happening for a few months. I put it in repair however they said we can’t do anything, and that i’m going to have to stick to saving them on my device does anybody else known what the solution to my problem could be?

  • Sushil

    can i record voice call in blackberry curv 9220 or 9320/9360

  • Sushil

    can i record voice call in blackberry curv 9220 or 9320/9360

  • johan william

    i waz tryin to sign in on my blackberry 9000 and it just went off now every time i try to turn it on a red light just come on and blink until the battery die what should i do

  • Pedro

    My blackberry Bold was working normally this morning and it turned off, when I turned it back on it froze so I had to turn it back off and return it again, when I did it turned on but it says “App Error 200″ and it says reset so I had no other choice then reset it, when I did reset it, the same thing came up again app error 200 so can someone please tell me what “App Error 200″ means ???

  • bright

    my 8530 is showing letter not number . my password is 1001 . please can somebody help me – this is my last attempt.

  • bright

    my BB 8530 is showing letter not number . my password is 1001 . please can somebody help me – this is my last attempt.

  • fadi ghazi

    my mute button dosen’t work she dosen’t unlock the screen she gave me “UO” how do i fixe it??

  • bexta

    why is one of my bbm contacts profile picture all black? they’ve updated their picture alot this week but still the same

  • Victor K.

    When I try to synch media from my Mac to my Blackberry, I get a message that “Device requires write permissions on the media card”. How do I grant that permission?

  • amirul

    everytime when I want to go in my appworld it will says
    “blackberry app world is having trouble connectingto the blackberry app world serve. verify your network connections and try again” why???

  • you don’t know me

    I just unlocked my blackberry bold 9700 but now I can not send text messages to receive bbms can anyone help me?

  • Ijul

    I’ve had a Blackberry curve 9360 apollo with OS 7.1 for almost a month now . Every time the internal memory always reduced . FIrst in the morning exactly at 7 am , i see the internal memory was 105.3 mb then a few moments later the internal memory be 94.3 mb ? . And 1 more if i listening to the music a few moments later my apollo rebooting by itself ? what’s wrong with my apollo ?

  • rtroxel

    I am trying to sync my Bold 9650 with my Mac ProBook Contacts but am unable to do so. iCal does syncs ok. Any suggestions?

  • qamar

    I have a blackberry 9300 curve. the problem is, When I on
    the Wi-Fi first time the browser and App World run accurately, but after
    turning off the wife and next day again turn on the wife then the browser work
    accurate but App World is not in working and error show that (we cannot connect to blackberry app world. Please
    ensure that device is connected to the wireless network and try again) so
    to solve this problem I reboot the device then this problem disappear and next
    day same problem again appear.

    Please help me to out this problem, that where the problem


  • Preet

    Ive had a blackberry for about a year now, and my wifi isnt managin to connect it keeps on saying ‘Wifi Radio Off’ any help how to put it back on its been ages since this has been happening i will apretatie some help! ive tried battery pull nothing has worked…

  • kristi

    Ive had my blackberry since christmas time and it has been working wonderfully until today. We went on holiday so i had to leave my blackberry at home for two weeks not charged, and now that i am back i am trying to turn it on but it wont work!! I have tried taking the charger out but that wont work. HELP!!! whats up with it?

  • andy@thomasandsons.net

    Do I have to have a ‘blackberry account’ to collect emails and does it cost me money?

  • genti

    i have a blackberry curve but i lost 10 lefts and my number doesent work …can u help me hoe to fic dat ?

  • lisa firth

    I have a blackberry curve 9320, i recently got this at Christmas and 3 months on its playing up, it keeps freezing on me as well as the battery keeps getting really hot and a cuts it off but when i turn my phone back on it takes me hours for it to work and also drains all the battery, i was wondering you could help me to solve this problem?

  • http://twitter.com/mj_2612 Mikito DJ

    My blackberry isn’t letting me upgrade apps or download them what’s wrong?



  • Katie

    Hi, everytime I call anyone from my contact list my phone automatically puts a +61 in front of the number and therefore doesn’t work. How do I stop it from doing this? Cheers

  • ARI

    my blackberry 9780 won’t let me agree to the terms and conditions to the newest download of the facebook app. Any help?

  • sapphi

    my blackberry curve 8520 doesn’t come on when i plug it in to charge it just shows a battery with a lightening bolt on it but dosen’t charge…what could be the problem any suggestions???? help

  • kg

    my blackberry ha virus n shows tat it has an error ps tel me what must i do it doesnt work at all it just shows tat letter error

  • ahmed


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  • katherine

    My phone memory shows completely full on the phone and when I check it on the computer when its connected. I don’t have many apps, only 15-20 pictures (it cant save more) and no music, no videos, no chat history saved or currently saving and its running on the latest programme. Could it be a virus? I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

  • fadi ghazi

    i have a blcakberry curve 3g 9300….i have an error (sqlite error(schema update)net.rem.divice.api.database.Database exception:select name from sqlite_master WHERE type=’index’ AND name=’chat_history_jid_index': disk I/O error(10) ) in message history in media setting of whatsapp….how i can fix it

  • tracey

    i have forgot my password and dont know how i entered recovery questions as have not used bb in ages how can i reset it pls

  • Aharon

    Yes for the main blackberries it is free but the smaller ones like the pearl you have to pay

  • aharon

    You need to go to a place where you have good wifi connection

  • Aharon

    If you keep doing the password wrong then it will totally reset the whole phone but you will also lose your contacts and everything else you have on it

  • aharon

    You would have to check if the blackberry is unlocked or locked to O2 otherwise you will not be able to

  • Aharon

    Lots of stuff like text call bbm blackberry world App Store reminder calculator alarm etc.

  • Aharon

    I don’t think that the pearl has a sensor which is probably why that is happening