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BerryVine Messenger 1.1 Released


The makers of BerryVine Messenger a MSN Messenger client for the Blackberry has released version 1.1 which supposedly fixes some major issues that we encountered with 1.0. This version contains some optimizations for direct TCP connections and large contact lists. Aswell the guys have dropped the price from $39.95 to $29.95. We will be reviewing the new 1.1 to see how much it has improved.

RIM To Offer Lotus Sametime Chat Client


RIM has announced at Lotusphere 2005 that they will be beta testing a Blackberry chat client for Lotus SameTime. Those who are not familiar with Lotus SameTime, just picture an instant messenger for corporations.

Patent Lawyer Dennis Crouch On RIM-NTP Case


Dennis Crouch a patent attorney at the law firm of McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP in Chicago. He offers his insight on the RIM-NTP case, here are some interesting tidbits:

From my point of view, RIM should not be held liable for patent infringement because a portion of the patented method was performed on foreign soil, and the statute requires that the use take place within the united states. The Court, however, read an exception into the statute — that internationally performed elements of the invention did not defeat an infringement charge so long as the “control and beneficial use” of the infringing system was within the United States.

He actually goes on to propse a change in Section 271(a), so RIM and other companies can not use that loop-hole of being a foreign company to avoid infriging on US Patents.

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Magmic’ Medieval Kings Chess – Reviewed

Magmic's Medieval Kings Chess

Magmic has sent us another game to review. This time they sent us their latest Medieval Kings Chess, bringing you the classic game onto your Blackberry. Unfortunately none of us here are Grand Champions so we can’t write a 10 page critique on Magmic’s chess engine. Hardcore chess players will need to look else where …
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Ask Us! Changing SureType Language


Christian from Tampa, Florida emailed us to ask :

“I just got the blackberry 7100t but I’ve been puzzle when I try to use the SureType features in other language (Spanish) …Does SureType works in any other languages beside English?”

Click below for the answer.

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Beta Testers Wanted For PocketDay Blackberry Port


Guys over at Cross River Systems are looking for beta testers to test out their version of Pocket Day for Blackberry handhelds. PocketDay is a fully integrated Calendar/Task management application for color Blackberries. It has integrated views showing calendar and task events together, customizable color coded task priorities, a separate task view with priority sorting, month view with time bars, and more. It was nominated by Pocket PC Magazine for best software program in 2004. We’re glad to see more software companies start producing for the Blackberry OS, so let’s help them out.

If you are interested email Mark @ Cross River Systems