Ever Feel Like A Brinks’ Van?


I thought of this after packing up my things for the day after a oh so hard’s day of work to head back home. I started off wrapping my Compaq Presario power supply into my heavy duty Targus notebook case. Unplugged the Blackberry 7510 from the laptop and put it in my coat pocket. In the same pocket you can find a Motorola V600 because we all know how bad the 7510 is for voice. And in the opposite pocket you can find my iPod mini for listening to tunes on the bus ride home. That is close to $3,000 in electronics alone, and I know I am not the only person to be a walking gold mine. Take the subway or bus in rush hour and you will see a plenty of these gadget freaks out there.

So what do you have in your pockets?