Plazmic Revealed


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Don’t worry if you have never heard the term Plazmic before, not many people have. Plazmic is actually a company that was bought by RIM in 2002 that provides developers an authoring tool to create dynamic and rich animations on mobile platforms. It does this by coding in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) an XML-based language which is very mobile friendly because it uses equations to define shapes and colors. So a svg file that draws a rectangle that is 20×30 would be the same size as one that is 400×600.

It seems like SVG is now a dead language, the way mobile devices are getting faster and faster and 3g and WiMax are making the wireless pipelines larger and larger there would be no need to keep things efficient and small. But for right now, it’s actually pretty cool to see animations and decent graphics on the Blackberry.

You can view SVG in action by pointing your device to