RIM Adds Support For S/MIME


Further enhancing its image as a secure email device, RIM has added S/MIME support for BES 4.0.

New features of the S/MIME Support Package v4.0 running on BlackBerry Enterprise Server include:

– Built-in Entrust Entelligence(TM) Messaging Server support, making it easier to send fully encrypted messages, especially to multiple recipients or recipients outside the corporate domain.

– Long message signature checking, allowing users to rely on the server’s verification of signatures for large messages.

– Support for server-side encryption of S/MIME messages sent to the wireless handheld, increasing message security by allowing BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators to encrypt signed messages to the handheld.

– Automatic retrieval of digital certificates and certificate status when sending or receiving an S/MIME message, reducing process time for certificate requests.

Other features include an improved user interface, attachment viewing support for signed messages, extended IT policy support, enhanced CRL (Certificate Revocation List) support and enhanced certificate status checking.

The S/MIIME Support Package v4.0 for BlackBerry integrates with advanced solutions from RIM’s security partners including Entrust, Diversinet, Tumbleweed Communications and CoreStreet, offering users a choice of technology for their enhanced security needs.