Marriot’s CIO On His Blackberry


Here’s an article from Forbes, where they peak into a few executive’s toy box. Here’s what Carl Wison of Marriot has to say about his Blackberry:

Why I love it:
Well, actually, I love my wife. What I appreciate about my BlackBerry is that it allows me to stay productive and in touch with my management team and others when I do not have access to my PC.

What I’d change about it:
I would make it easier to type messages. I’d enhance the BlackBerry to convert my spoken word into text.

The one device I wish someone would invent:
The Cone of Silence, but updated from the Maxwell Smart days. I wish someone would invent a portable device that allows you to block incoming and outgoing sound waves in a three-foot bubble. Then you could really take your business anywhere, without worrying about others overhearing your conversations, or being distracted by the thousands of people with cell phones around you.

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