US Wireless Data Plans Compared


This comes from Levi Wallach, on his blog he has a real nice break down and comparison of the data plans that are available in the US. He concludes:

As I wrote, these things are not simple and they aren’t cut and dry. As well they are a moving target. While T-Mobile may look like not the best bet right now, in six months who knows, maybe they’ll surprise everyone and build out a lot of their network very quickly and give Cingular a real run for their money. Likewise, maybe they will close the loophole of their T-Zones and Cingular will cut back their data rates again and will become much more competitive with T-Mobile. At least for February of 2005, this is the best snapshot of the various choices one has for mobile data connectivity. It will definitely be interesting to see how this changes over the coming months and years! I will try to keep these charts updated as new information becomes available on new plans, new coverage, etc. Of course if you find any inaccuracies in what I’ve written, feel free to enlighten us!

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