Siemens SK65 w/ Blackberry Reviewed


Mobile Burn has a review on the Siemens SK-65 with built-in Blackberry Connect feature. It is unfortunate that Michael the editor of Mobile Burn could not test out the Blackberry feature more in depth due to the lack of being on a proper BES.

Part of that user programmability is also tied to the keyboard. When you put the SK65 into the X form, you can have the phone automatically start one of a number of functions. In my case I have it go into the SMS text editor. I could have set it to start the BlackBerry application if I had wanted to, but since I don’t have BlackBerry support on my T-Mobile account, I was only able to use the most basic BlackBerry services hooked up to a account. I can say, however, that the SK65’s display and software seem to be up to the task. You can actually get a lot of text on the display in the BlackBerry application if you set the font to small. I really like it and just wish I could have tested it out more fully.

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