Blackberry 7100 Voted Handheld Of The Year


Datamation a Jupiter Network company announced the Blackberry 7100 as “Handheld Of The Year”.

Research in Motion’s Blackberry 7100 crushed the other finalists, getting 85% of the total votes. The leftovers were split between Palm’s Treo 650, PalmOne’s Tungsten T5, HP’s iPaq 6315 and ASUSTeK Computer Inc.’s MyPal A730W.

It’s February, I think it’s pretty late for Product Of The Year Winners but this is still very good news for RIM and Blackberry lovers like ourselves. Seems like RIM is on a roll and has been picking up a lot of these “awards” the past year, hopefully by this time next year we will start seeing many more 3rd party companys offering solutions for the Blackberry.