Onset Announces Ability to Display Messages in Japanese and Korean Character Sets Using METAmessage for BlackBerry


Onset Technology, a leading developer of enterprise access software for wireless handheld devices, announced today the ability to provide language support for messages using Japanese and Korean character sets. The feature, designed for users of BlackBerry from Research In Motion, will be shown by Onset in the RIM booth (H21, hall 3) at the 3GSM Conference held February 14-17 in Cannes, France.

Many BlackBerry users receive messages that were originally composed in languages that are not yet widely supported. For example, Windows users often have to download special files in order to view ideograms or comparatively rare alphabet symbols. In an email client, characters in these messages can appear as boxes instead of as language symbols. With METAmessage, such messages are converted by the METAmessage server into attachments that a user can open on their handheld to read.