RIM should buy us says Smartner CEO


Computer Business Review has an article about how the CEO Paul Hedman of Smartner believes that RIM should buy them. Smartner is another company that offers push-email technology. It sold 100,000 licenses last year but Hedman expects to sell 400,000 units next year due to its partnerships with Nokia, Ericcsson, Fujitsu, and others. He believes that if RIM was to keep their market dominance on push-email technology then they should buy Smartner before it becomes a major player and becomes too expensive to buy out.

RIM might benefit, he said, from buying Smartner as a means of both extending its offering to a broader user base and stalling the otherwise inevitable progress, as he sees it, of Nokia Corp. Despite the Finnish mobile phone giant missing out, Hedman said, on the chance to take out RIM in the days before BlackBerry became the poster child of wireless computing.

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