RIM Take Over Possibility


Toronto Star has another article about the possibility of a RIM take over. The article states that RIM is seeing explosive growth and by the end of the year may have over 2.5 million active subscribers. If a company wanted to buy it, it should buy it now before it becomes too expensive. Jim Balsillie, co-chief executive officer doubts that a take over may work claiming how RIM over the years has strategically partnered with numerous carriers and manufacturers and that if a bid by one company may strained the other partnerships.

“We’ve tried to build a company that serves the needs of the wireless carriers and the chief information officers (of large organizations), and in the process we have also partnered with application guys and the device guys to better service those two constituencies,” explains Balsillie.

“That’s how we built our company, and that’s how we think. Has that made us friends of the carriers, rather than competitors? Yes. Has that led us to be partners of the large device companies? Yes. Are we sitting in a very carefully balanced set of roles? Yes.”

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