Why Choose RIM Blackberry Handheld


Push Email

Blackberry offers a reliable push email like no other device. They are simply the best out there in the market. For instant push email from your MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, and Novell Groupwise you need a BES, Blackberry Enterprise Server. For individual users who use your Yahoo, Hotmail emails, you can use a BWC account.

Wireless Sync of Email and PIM

One of the most useful feature of the latest set of BlackBerries is wireless synchronization. This means you don’t to cradle your device and sync everthing with your PC like you have to do for Palm. It happens for you wirelessly. This feature requires BES installed.

HTML Browsing

BlackBerry devices come with a full HTML browser. Its not just a WAP browser that comes along with your carrier. It can access most sites like you can do one your computer. Generally the speed of browsing depends on the speed of your carrier network.


BlackBerry devices are one of the most secure devices. Government and large corporations use it because of this reason. Data from/to your device is 3DES encrypted.

Full Keyboard

BlackBerry comes with a full keyboard. You could use your two thumbs and type on it like your normal computer keyboard. Normally users like type like about 90% of their speed on a computer. Being mainly used as a data device this feature comes in very handy.

Attachment Viewing

BlackBerry is one of the few devices which allow attachment viewing. You can view word docs, pdf, excel, powerpoint and now even images etc on your device.

Long Battery Life

Its simply amazing. A Blackberry can go without charge sometimes for upto 5 days. This is the case for even heavy email and text users.


BlackBerry device is one of the few I know which survives a fall. You can drop it from a reasonable height and still have it work perfectly fine. Also it a longer life time than most other PDAs.

From PDAConnect