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There are plenty of Blackberry users who travel frequently and Worldmate by Mobimate has tried to make things easiers for those users. Worldmate provides travelers easy access to times from different cities, a day/night map, global weather conditions and a real-time currency exchange calculator. Any business traveler would know that this information is sometimes vital when globe trotting around the world.


The program is fairly big at 234 kb, the reason most likely due to the heavy graphics of the program. There is no Over-The-Air installation available which is unfortunate.


World Clock – Provides times for 5 cities simultaneously. The default cities are London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. It is very easy to change the default cities, Worldmate lists over 250 major metropolitan centers. The first time I started the program the times were off and had to manually update the clocks for each 5 different cities. This was only a minor issue because after that the clocks kept the right times.

Day/Night Map – Provides a visual day/night map of the world. This feature for myself is the feature I thought would come most in handy. Calling long distance frequency I always have to ask whether it is a good time to call and not 3am in the morning. What I found with WorldMate is that it takes way too long for the map to draw on the screen, at least 60 seconds to draw the whole map. This gets way too annoying, Mobimate needs to find a quicker way to draw the maps.

Weather – Provides a 5 day forecast of 250 cities from The Weather Network. Nothing much to mention here, weather is weather.

Currency – You can view 3 currencies at once. You can easily change to another monetary unit, WorldMate provides real time currency exchange to every world currency. This feature can pay for itself, I can’t count the many times I went walking around to see which place would give me the best rates but after walking for 30 minutes I end up at the first exchange shop. Now with WorldMate you can view the real exchange rate and calculate if you are getting a fair rate at the exchange shop.


We were very disappointed in the Day/Night map but the 3 other features are enough to warrant a purchase of the program. The software is very reasonable price at $25 for a year subscription. MobiMate does offer a trial of WorldMate, we recommend that you download the trial first before making the purchase.

Visit MobiMate for more info …

WorldMate WorldMate

WorldMate WorldMate

  • Bruce Chantry
    Shouldn't you fix the Standard Version then, regarding the speed issue? It is still offered online so it is still a current offering, or is this a way to force people into buying the more expensive version?
  • Rachel Grossman
    I am writing from MobiMate, the developer of WorldMate. Please note that the review (above) is for WorldMate Standard Edition, rather than the Professional Edition that was released this week. The link that brought me to this page came from a blurb regarding the Professional Edition. Please change this error.

    I ask you to please re-evaluate the newest program, as it is 80% faster than the standard version, and includes additional features such as a Travel Information Center and Flight schedules.

    Thank you and I look forward to reading your review.

    Rachel Grossman
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Nordan Gluim
    Complete waste of money - too slow, crashes all the time and not enough features to make it worth while...
    has potential but won't be giving them my money again soon....
    Get a grip guys...
  • Donald Mann
    Program is too slow, probably due to the detailed graphics. The Day/Night map is so slow it's painful. Weather reports contain little detail. Overpriced!
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