RIM Blackberry 7100R Review


GlobeTechnology has a review on the Blackberry 7100R, they seem to be so-so about it. The review is pretty extensive but I have one minor issue. The author states that the 7100R supports Flash, that’s both news for you and me. Author is probably confusing Flash with SVG, which has similarities but is much different.

In the hierarchy of cellphone data entry, the full QWERTY thumb-driven keyboard still reigns for ease of use and speed. Although I found the Sure-Type software and keyboard layout to be a vast improvement over standard dial pads, it’s still an act in compromise.

If you are looking for a good Smartphone and are willing to sacrifice Blackberry’s signature push e-mail, the Treo 600 has a lot more to offer to tech driven consumers. It’s also about $100 (Cdn.) cheaper. If you love your Blackberry but really wish it looked and felt like a phone, this unit is it.

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