Verichat For Blackberry – Reviewed

Verichat For Blackberry

Today we review another Instant Messaging program, this one made by PDA Apps called Verichat. Instant messaging has become one of the most popular activities today from kids talking to their friends over MSN or corporate companies that deploy their own enterprise IM system. Now imagine having this communication avenue open where ever you bring your Blackberry with you, it’s a powerful thing. Yes I know, you can always communicate with your Blackberry through email, PIN-to-PIN, and voice but sometimes it is much easier to just send an instant message. Read further on what we have to say about Verichat …


Verichat does not come with an OTA install option, users must use Application Loader to get the program on their device. The file size is quite large at 247k, this is huge compared to IM+ Mobile coming in at only 40k. I really can not explain the large file size because the only graphics are the emoticons. With newer Blackberrys coming out that include more RAM the point is mute, but the majority of handhelds come with only 16 megs and it may become an issue with them. It comes in two versions one for BES and Non-BES users, we tested the program using a BES.


Verichat includes all of the popular instant messaging services MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and AIM. It can connect to all 4 services at the same time and you can have multiple chats with different people on different services with no problem. This a major plus especially if your contacts use different services. Another feature I like is the real time conversation with history, this is especially helpful when you have multiple chats. When connecting to Verichat you go through their servers which in turn connects to the appropriate instant messaging service. This allows you to see when the other person is typing or if he or she is idle. Another great feature is that when ever someone sends you an email address, phone number, or URL it automatically becomes hyperlinked and you are able to click on it and you can easily call, email or surf to these links.

Verichat does have its minor issues but most are minor. The biggest issue was that the program seems to slow down after you have been using it after awhile. My guess is because it does store the conversation history in memory and after awhile the memory gets full which in turn slows the entire program down. This can be solved by just exiting and starting the program over again. Another issue is that when you have the program in the background it will alert you when you receive a message and gives you the option to view or ignore the message. This is actually a good feature to have, that is if it worked. I would sometimes see the message come up two or three times even if I have already chosed to “View” or “Ignore”.

In researching Verichat I have also came upon some complaints that Verichat likes to disconnect the user from their servers much too frequently for their liking. I can honestly say that I have only seen it happened once in the few days of testing the program and afterwards Verichat automatically logged back in.


• Connects to all 4 major IM services, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM
• Real time conversation with history
• Able to have multiple chats even if they are on different services
• Phone numbers, URL, emails, are automatically hyperlinked


• Subscription based software
• Will slow down after lengthy conversation(s)
• Inability to change your display name
• Large file size


Verichat is a solid program, it offers almost the perfect solution for instant messaging on your Blackberry handheld. The pluses greatly out weigh any of the minor issues that I encountered. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. The program retails for $34.95 for the software and 1 year subscription, to renew the program it costs $29.95 a year. Very affordable and worth every penny.

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