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Blackberry 7100g - More Delays

Seems like many people are having issues ordering the Blackberry 7100g from Cingular. The latest smartphone from RIM was available for order on February the 14th but now has been pulled off their website and ordering system. Here is Matt on his ordeal on trying to order his own Blackberry 7100g.

Last week I received an ad in my email from Cingular that the 7100g is avilable via their National Businss Accounts. On 2/21 I called that office and, after being on hold for an hour and disconnected twice, I was told that the 7100g is “not on their ordering system”, despite the ad being sent out.

Then I went to my local Cingular store and the manager said that it was indeed taken off their system. He speculated that they just ran out in the one week that it was available. He expected that it would be available again soon but didn’t have any idea as to when.

Has anyone else had such an experience? Has anyone successfully purchased one of these via Cingular?

4 Responses to “Blackberry 7100g - More Delays”

  1. Mark Bradley
    February 25th, 2005 14:41

    Definitely disappointing news……I actually heard that quite a few of the models had defective parts (namely the battery)…..maybe they pulled it to check their quality issues out.

  2. Glenn
    February 26th, 2005 21:25

    I ordered the 7100g from Cingular on 2/18 and received it via fedex on 2/22/05. Doign great so far! No problems. FYI, when I first was ordering it over the phone the rep did not see this model as available. When she did a little digging into another screen though she found it in a few seconds. Love the 7100g so far! No problems.

  3. Stephen
    February 27th, 2005 22:03

    all the 7100s use the same battery…..don’t think there are any battery problems with the 7100t, 7100v’s are there?

  4. SGBTN
    March 7th, 2005 21:27

    I ordered one from eAccess on the 18th of February over their web site, They have the Cingular 7100g in stock. The first one had a USB hardware problem and wouldn’t charge, but the replace works fine. Great service; fast delivery. They sell with a one year contact at $349.00 . There is a $50.00 rebate available. Outside of Illinois no tax. They have a good supply. I recommend trying them. 7100g is great! I am very pleased.

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