RSIC releases BerryVine Sweeper

Berryvine Sweeper

Leiden, Netherlands, February 24th 2005. Mine sweeper type games and variants are abundant on most mobile platforms, but for some reason, not on the BlackBerry…this situation ends now, because today RSIC from the Netherlands releases BerryVine Sweeper. BerryVine Sweeper offers 2 types of games, ‘classic’ and ‘two player’, at three difficulty levels, offering an intuitive, challenging and addictive experience to players. Read the rest of the press release …

The game contains music, vibration effects and high-quality graphics and is designed for the latest color BlackBerry models. RSIC offers free product upgrades in the 1.x product range and updates will follow soon to offer even more game types and even more variable gameplay, using state of the art features of the latest BlackBerry models and BlackBerry Operating Systems.

BerryVine Sweeper is available at and Neon Toad and retails for Euro 4,95 ( or $ 6.50 (

A free downloadable trial version is available at