IM+ Mobile For Blackberry - Reviewed

IM+ Mobile is an Instant Messenger program created by Shape Services. IM+ Mobile for the Blackberry handhelds allows instant messaging over MSN, AIM, ICQ, and Jabber. The program was originally created for mobile handsets and now Shape Services has decided to target the Blackberry market but has failed to take advantage of the Blackberry’s superior data and PDA features.


IM+ Mobile offers both a BES and WAP versions of their program. Both versions are very small only taking up 40 kb, probably due to the fact that the program is almost a direct MIDP port of their cellular version.


• Connection to MSN, ICQ, AIM, and Jabber. Yahoo is missing.
• Simultaneous connection to all four instant messaging services
• Contact lists are stored remotely
• Full presence status support.

We did find IM+ Mobile lacking as an instant messaging program. Messaging is more “email” or “SMS” based where you send a message, your friend replies, you are notified of a message and click to retrieve. It does not store any history of your conversation; you are even unable to see what you previously sent to your contact. It does not have a live feel where you see the whole conversation history and when your contact sends you a message it automatically pushes the message to the display instead of you clicking to retrieve the message. This can get very annoying especially if you are going back and forth very quickly with a friend.

IM+ Mobile is good at having multiple conversations at once, just because it does not store the conversation history so switching from contact to contact is quick. Other Instant Messaging programs will slow down because it has to store the message history in the memory, so if you have been talking for awhile you will see that typing and switching from one conversation to another slows down dramatically. This is not the case for IM+ Mobile, one of the few strong points of the program

Another big issue we have with IM+ Mobile is that it seems like a direct MIDP port that does not take advantage of the Blackberry’s features. The enter button is not mapped and you can not hit “Esc” button on the side to go back from a conversation window to your main window. The graphics are really poor and there is no emoticons what so ever in the program. The program would work much better if they built around the Blackberry’s strengths.


• Program is small and fast.
• One time fee.
• Program does not slow down.


• Poor graphics and bad user interface.
• No message history.
• Slow to login.
• No Yahoo support.


Having used other Instant Messaging programs for the Blackberry we know that there are better solutions made specifically for the Blackberry. Shape Services background is programming for cellular devices and it shows. Your money is better spent elsewhere …

For more info on IM+ Mobile visit Shape Services …

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  1. 1 Roberto

    nice site

  2. 2 Natalia

    Hello, Everyone!

    All mentioned disadvantages of IM+ for Blackberry were fairly indeed – a year ago. But since there several versions of the application had changed and all bugs fixed up. Now IM+ for Blackberry includes MSN, ICQ, Yahoo!, AOL, Jabber and Google Talk. Message history, search and filter by date and sender are added as many other features. The difference between old and present graphic interface is really impressive. Now IM+ Mobile Instant Messenger for Blackberry is bestseller in Communication applications of Handango.
    These are just words, I understand. Please, visit webpage and make sure by your own. It is really soft that deserve some time to have a look.

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