Jane Perrone Of The Guardian Provides Top Ten Email Tips

Don’t make the same mistake that Alastair Campbell did when he mistakenly sent out an email from his Blackberry full of curses and deragotary remarks about journalists to a BBC journalist. The email was originally intended for a colleague but some how he screwed up the “Send To” field. Read further for Jane Perrone’s email tips:

1. Think before you send every email: would it be quicker, more efficient, and more friendly to phone or even walk over to the person and talk to them in person? But do use email when you want to keep a record of your own or someone else’s words.

2. If you’re emailing Doris in accounts, don’t cc your message to everyone in the company just so you can share your razor-sharp witticism about P60 forms with 200 people. It wastes bandwidth (a measure of the amount of data that can be transmitted by your email network at any time), clogs up other people’s inboxes and ultimately, isn’t that funny. In fact, people will hate you for it.

3. Don’t let your email inbox overflow. Try to deal with every email as soon as possible by responding to the message, deleting it, flagging it for attention later or filing it away. This is where a Blackberry can be invaluable, allowing you to use idle moments on the train or bus tend to the pile of non-urgent but still important email that gathers in your inbox each day. But never, ever, check your Blackberry during a conversation or, even worse, during a meeting: you’re effectively telling whoever you are talking to that whoever has just sent you a message, they’re bound to be more interesting or important than they are. It’s unprofessional to twiddle your scroll wheel under the table, and it’s no excuse to say “everyone else does it”.

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