Open Source MidpSSH For Blackberry

MidpSSH is a free telnet/SSH client that provides users the ability to shell or telnet into their server. The program is a general J2ME program but xk72 has a build specific for the Blackberry so we decided to play with it for a bit. We found that the program is a good solution for someone that needs access to their server once and awhile but by no means “industrial strength”. A better solution would be Idokorro’s Mobile SSH which we reviewed a few days ago. Even though MidpSSH has its issue you can not beat the free price tag. The program is an open source project so new builds are being constantly released by volunteers, at the present moment the latest stable release is 1.3.2 and beta is 1.3.8.

Visit to try it out yourself

5 Responses to “Open Source MidpSSH For Blackberry”

  1. 1 eric

    got a problem with my blackberry and gmail.
    I get all the messages back as incoming email on my blackberry.. real pain!!
    I tried the filter thing with the from ….@gmail do not forward..
    just does not work..!

  2. 2 xarmoda

    seems to work OK on my 8800, although i was disappointed to find does not allow you to set the connection port. i never use 22 as too many script kiddies hit these with brute force scripts.

  3. 3 Leonardo

    You need to tell that account not to send you confirmation messages. I had the same problem. :)

  4. 4 Torsten

    try it

  5. 5 Vlad

    HI aLL!
    Somebody knows if this soft works on BlackBerry 900? and how to install?


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