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Shortcuts for Direct Connect ID, Phone Number, and PIN


RIM has included a few shortcuts to make it easier to type out your direct connect id, phone number, and PIN. While composing an email type ‘mydcid’ to display your direct connect, ‘mypin’ to display your PIN, and ‘mynumber’ to display your phone number.

Golden Palace Casino Blackberry Version – Reviewed


Golden Palace Mobile
Real gambling has finally come to your Blackberry. Golden Palace, the online casino that is most famed for hiring streakers at high profile events is responsible for this venture. They teamed up with Toronto-based Phantom Fiber that has already created wireless gambling for other handheld devices like the Palm Treo. Currently the only available game is Blackjack but they intend to release Slots, Sport Bookings, Roulette, plus others. We have already reported on this earlier but now we have an account so we can test BlackJack. Keep on reading to see what we have to say …

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RSIC releases BerryVine Sweeper

Berryvine Sweeper

Leiden, Netherlands, February 24th 2005. Mine sweeper type games and variants are abundant on most mobile platforms, but for some reason, not on the BlackBerry…this situation ends now, because today RSIC from the Netherlands releases BerryVine Sweeper. BerryVine Sweeper offers 2 types of games, ‘classic’ and ‘two player’, at three difficulty levels, offering an intuitive, challenging and addictive experience to players. Read the rest of the press release …

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Typing in CAPSLOCK


Simple tip for today, but many people are unfamiliar with it. To set your Blackberry to type in full caps just press the Alt(half moon) + CAP. And afterwards to take the capslock off just press the CAP button once more.

Blackberry 7250 Now Available For Order On


Blackberry 7250When Bell announced the availability of the new Blackberry 7250 on February 16th it was on available for corporate clients. Checking on the website shows that anyone can now order the new Blackberry 7250. The device comes with BlueTooth, full QWERTY layout, 32MB of flash memory, large backlight with 65,000 colors. Prices range from $549 with no contract to $399 on a 3 year contract.

Blackberry 7100g – More Delays


Seems like many people are having issues ordering the Blackberry 7100g from Cingular. The latest smartphone from RIM was available for order on February the 14th but now has been pulled off their website and ordering system. Here is Matt on his ordeal on trying to order his own Blackberry 7100g.

Last week I received an ad in my email from Cingular that the 7100g is avilable via their National Businss Accounts. On 2/21 I called that office and, after being on hold for an hour and disconnected twice, I was told that the 7100g is “not on their ordering system”, despite the ad being sent out.

Then I went to my local Cingular store and the manager said that it was indeed taken off their system. He speculated that they just ran out in the one week that it was available. He expected that it would be available again soon but didn’t have any idea as to when.

Has anyone else had such an experience? Has anyone successfully purchased one of these via Cingular?