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How Paris Hilton’s SideKick Got Hacked


Paris Hilton is running an article on how Paris Hilton’s email was hacked. They reported that her email wasn’t hacked by some super computer nerd that got into T-Mobile’s server to garner access into Miss Paris’ SideKick. What the person did was guess the answer to her secret question. The secret question was “What is your favorite pet name?” anyone familiar with Paris Hilton would have easily guessed it was her little pet Chihuahua named “Tinker Bell”. What is ironic is that my own secret question into the Blackberry Web Client is also “What is your favorite pet name?”. But we don’t have to worry with RIM. When you answer your secret question an email that includes your password is sent to your handheld instead of automatically giving you access to your account which I’m assuming that is the way T-Mobile does/did it with the SideKick. This would mean a “hacker” would need to know your secret answer and also have access to your Blackberry device.

Official Service Bulletin From RIM About The Outage


Below is the official service bulletin posted by RIM about the service outage. As you can see below 100% of all Blackberry subscribers were affected by the outage. You would think RIM would implement some sort of redundancy so when something goes wrong not everyone is affected. The official cause of the outage is fairly vague, stating that “a component of the BlackBerry network infastructure experienced a service interruption”. Read for yourself below ….

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Microvision’s Bluetooth Flic Laser Bar Code Scanner Integrated with BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds


Flic ScannerBOTHELL, Wash.– Feb. 23, 2005–Microvision Inc. (Nasdaq:MVIS), announced today that its application development partner, Infinite Peripherals, Irvine, CA., has created an application interface that integrates the Flic(R) Cordless Laser Bar Code Scanner with Research in Motion’s BlackBerry(TM) Wireless Handhelds. The new capability developed by Infinite Peripherals offers out-of-the-box solutions that enable barcode scanning from any Bluetooth-enabled RIM BlackBerry Wireless Handheld.

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Mobile Spending On The Raise


Good news for RIM, VNUNet is running an article about how corporate mobile spending is on the raise in Europe. Firms are planning a major deployment of mobile email devices, allocating a bigger budget for mobile services than IT.

Some 62 per cent of UK-based companies anticipate some sort of data card rollout to employees this year, using either third-generation or GPRS networks, while 40 per cent say they will deploy Blackberry personal digital assistants (PDAs) to staff.

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I’m InTouch – Reviewed

I'm InTouch

The basis for I’m InTouch is the ability to access and control your computer from any web browser connected to the internet. This means you are able to safely access your computer’s files, emails, and contacts, right from your Blackberry browser. The tool can be invaluable for road warriors that need access to their home or office computer. Read below for our review …

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Major Blackberry Outage


Yesterday we started to have data issues with their Blackberry that caused us unable to send email, PIN message, or surf the internet which is still continuing this morning. We thought it was an issue of our own BES because we were all on the same server. It actually is much more than that, seems like the outage is due to an internal issue at RIM with their SRP server that affected most of the Blackberry subscribers. I first noticed the problem at 8 PM EST when I tried to get on to to get the latest NBA scores. So I sent an email to myself at 8:35 PM and it is currently 8:35 AM and the email still hasn’t been sent. Various other Blackberry users from around the net are reporting that their service is now backed up after a few hours of downtime but still no luck for myself.

Hopefully RIM gets this resolved because 12 hours of downtime and continuing is a huge amount.

Update: Service has been fully restored at 9:19 AM EST.