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Golden Palace Mobile

Last week we reported on Golden Palace teaming up with a Toronto-base software development company Phantom Fiber to bring wireless gambling to your Blackberry. We decided to take a look at what Golden Palace had to offer but were disappointed when we realized there was no “play money” option. We did have a chance to download the game which revealed some superb graphics. As you can see from the screenshot above Phantom Fiber did a great job designing the game which includes most of the elements found at a real Blackjack table. So we at BBCool are calling upon are readers to try your luck with Golden Palace Mobile and to post your feedback. And no we will not be responsible for any money lost.

Visit Golden Palace …

TieGo Another RIM Blackberry Competitor Emerges


TieGoWe’re having a hard time keeping track of all these new companies offering its own version of push email technology. You have Good Technology and Visto which right now are the bigger players that pose the most threat for RIM. Let’s not count out some of the lesser known players like iAnywhere, SEVEN, and now TieGo which can easily come out of no where and upset RIM. Where RIM once had room to stretch it’s arms out in the barren land of push email now are definantly feeling the squeeze. Mark Evans a reporter for The National writes on his personal blog,

My take is they’re reluctant to be seen as a one-trick pony in the fear that another wireless e-mail solution could come out of nowhere to steal their thunder. By protraying themselves as a wireless platform developer, they are trying to give the impression the threat of an e-mail competitor is already being addressed.

Below is TieGo’s Press Release …
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FoxNews Gets It Wrong With Paris Hilton


FoxNews is reporting that Paris Hilton’s Blackberry was hacked, the truth is that her T-Mobile Sidekick was hacked. You would think FoxNews with it’s billions of dollars would get it right, especially considering that a Blackberry does not have a camera. Paris Hilton did previously had her Blackberry hacked which made her to switch to the Sidekick, see what good that did. With the RIM’s Blackberry atleast you don’t have the possibility of nudie pictures spreading around the net. I wonder if RIM has picked noticed because it could be very damaging to their image.

You can read the wrongful Fox article here …

Open Source MidpSSH For Blackberry


MidpSSH is a free telnet/SSH client that provides users the ability to shell or telnet into their server. The program is a general J2ME program but xk72 has a build specific for the Blackberry so we decided to play with it for a bit. We found that the program is a good solution for someone that needs access to their server once and awhile but by no means “industrial strength”. A better solution would be Idokorro’s Mobile SSH which we reviewed a few days ago. Even though MidpSSH has its issue you can not beat the free price tag. The program is an open source project so new builds are being constantly released by volunteers, at the present moment the latest stable release is 1.3.2 and beta is 1.3.8.

Visit to try it out yourself

Enabling Gmail On Your Blackberry


GmailGmail is Google’s web based email service that has been revolutionizing free email. A few things make it superior to Microsoft’s Hotmail, including 1 gig of storage, better user interface, and the ability to set your gmail account as POP. Setting your gmail as a POP accounts means that you can start receiving your emails in Outlook, Thunderbird, or to your Blackberry. Below we outlined the steps to start getting your gmail email on your Blackberry according to Google’s instructions.

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Paris Hilton Address Book Hacked


Paris Hilton SidekickAlong with the pictures of Paris, her address book was also hacked with over 510 contacts. It was interesting to see what celebs were using a Blackberry. We thought about not posting the following information, but it is has now become so widely available on the internet that we said screw it. Here’s the list:

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