Ask US! External Keyboard Available?


Kristen writes:

I have heard that there will be an external keyboard coming out that will be compatible with the 7510 model, do you know when this is coming? I would very much like to purchase an external keyboard for this handheld as soon as possible, and it is frustrating that none of the “universal” keyboards for blackberry work with it.

Currently there is no 3rd party keyboard for any Blackberry device except for the old Blackberry 957. Since then RIM has decided to use non standard USB drivers which they have not released to developers. There is still hope for someone to come out with a BlueTooth keyboard. Many Blackberry users will try to correct us that Blackberry’s BlueTooth is voice only, but that is very untrue. Not too sure why RIM tries to limit 3rd party hardware device, maybe someone from RIM can chime in.

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