Good Technology’s CEO Danny Shader on Good vs Blackberry


On February 18th we posted an article on how we think Good Technology and other push-email technology companies can compete against RIM. It became a very heated issue with many of our readers going back and forth with their own opinions of RIM versus Good Technology. Now you can read Good Technology’s CEO Danny Shader own opinions on the issue of his company versus RIM. AlwaysOn scored an interview with Shader and here is an excerpt:

AlwaysOn: What does Blackberry have by itself?

Shader: First of all, they have a terrific product. It’s a really wonderful combination of hardware and software, and they do promise to deliver a Blackberry connect, which is some subset of Blackberry functionality, on other people’s devices.

I think that’s what’s happening now with Palm Source, and Microsoft is enabling the industry to compete with Blackberry. Good’s job for our shareholders is to add as much value to that world as possible so that we can take advantage of that market for our customers. Customers who choose standards and choose us are safe because if we fail to perform, somebody else will step in. That’s how it works in a standards-biz world.

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