Plantronics M2500 – Reviewed


Plantronics M2500
With the newer Blackberry handhelds coming with Bluetooth capabilities we have decided over the next few days to review a few Bluetooth-capable hands free sets. Today we take a look at the Plantronics M2500. Plantronics is one of the better known companies for wireless and telephony accessories. Aimed primarily at consumers with a smaller budget, the M2500 closely resembles the Jabra BT 250 headset, with the battery stored behind the ear, rather than in the boom part.

Look-wise, the M2500 is a lightweight model, at 23 g. It carries a sleek and attractive design, but yet is still found to be a bit bulky around the ear compared to other models. The headset can be used in both ears by rotating the plastic cap, be warned though if you happen to lose the plastic caps the hands free set becomes unusable. Even though the M2500 is smaller than the Jabra BT 250 we found that the Jabra was a lot more comfortable. The reason is that the Plantronics headset is a lot bulkier which pushes your ear out and causes discomfort.

Syncing the handset to your Blackberry involves going into the Options menu, Bluetooth, and add a device. It took us several tries for the Blackberry to pick up the device unlike the Jabra BT 250 which was found the first time. We found that the range was fairly good on the device, Plantronics claims a distance of 10 meters and we got around 6-7 meters.