Gartner Upgrades RIM’s Rating


Research firm Gartner has upgraded RIM’s rating to “positive”. Ken Dulaney, Gartner’s VP of Mobile Computing, said the main reason for the upgrade was RIM’s decision to license its technology to 3rd party hardware vendors. The Stamford-based research firm routinely announces such ratings based on a companies future strategy.

RIM currently has two programs, the Blackberry Connect which allows 3rd party hardware vendors like Nokia, Siemens, and Palms to bring the Blackberry push email technology to their own branded handsets. Current devices which include Blackberry Connect are Siemens SK65, Sony P910i, and Nokia 6820. RIM also intends to license their operating system known as Blackberry Built-In which would put RIM in much more direct competition with Microsoft and their Smart Phone platform.

Both of these programs are still in their infancy stage. The next few months willl be interesting to see whether or not other hardware companies adopt RIM’s technology or decide to go with another form of push-email technology.