Bluetooth Awareness Nearly Doubled Among Consumers


Recent study shows increasing rate of Bluetooth awareness and deployment among consumers consistent with rapid overall growth of Bluetooth products on the market. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) commissioned research firm Millward Brown for an independent study on consumer awareness, attitude and usage of Bluetooth wireless technology compared to other wireless technologies. The study polled 1300 consumers between age 18-70 in the United States, United Kingdom (UK) and Japan during the fall of 2003 and again in the fall of 2004. Between the two surveys, consumer recognition and awareness of Bluetooth wireless technology showed significant growth.

When asked to select which technology allows mobile devices to connect wirelessly, consumers increasingly chose Bluetooth wireless technology across all regions in 2004 as compared to the study in 2003. In the UK, this awareness increased from 47 percent to an impressive 77 percent. In Japan, it increased from 43 percent to 61 percent. And in the US, it almost doubled from 22 percent to 41 percent. Compared to awareness of Wi-Fi which was also part of the survey, awareness of Bluetooth technology was more than double in the UK and Japan, while on par in the US.