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Virtual Reach has just released an RSS reader for the Blackberry called “Newsclip” supporting RSS versions 0.91, 0.92, 0.93, 0.94 and 2.0. Newsclip for Blackberry allows users to read RSS articles on their Blackberry device. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, it allows users to subscribe and download articles from multiple sites simultaneously in text-format only so it is ideal for Blackberry users with limited bandwidth. We take a look at Newsclip, read below to see what we have to say…

There are two versions of Newsclip, a BES and WAP version both available for color and monochrome handhelds. Over-The-Air installation is not available so you will need to use Application Loader to install the program on your handheld. We installed the BES version and had no issue connecting and downloading the articles.

Running the program the first thing we noticed is that Newsclip does not group the articles by website. The articles all download into the same “Today” screen, if you subscribe to many feeds this can become a major issue. Even with the default feeds from Yahoo, NYT, and Wired it is somewhat annoying. An interface that is similar to Thunderbird’s RSS reader would be a much better format.

Subscribing to additional feeds is really easy. Newsclip provides a list of news feeds that you can browse by category and subscribe or you can enter a feed URL manually. We had no issue adding the feed from BBCool, Engadget, and Gizmodo. You should be aware that Newsclip does not yet support Atom or RSS 1.0 feeds. This shouldn’t be too much a problem because many websites syndicate in multiple formats.

A great feature is the ability to email news articles to your contact list. Which can be handy when there’s breaking news and you want to inform your friends and colleagues. Reading the articles is very simple, just click on the article title and it will bring up the text. Unread articles are in bold and when you highlight an article at the bottom you will see the publisher’s name but not the author.

Overall we’re really happy with this program, other than the fact that all articles are downloaded into the same directory. The convenience of keeping up-to-date with the news outweighs any of the bad. The alternative is to surf news sites via your browser which is way too cumbersome and slow. Newsclip retails for $29.99 at but we recommend downloading the 7-day trial first.

For more info visit VirtualReach

Newsclip Newsclip
Newsclip Newsclip

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