ClockLabs Ltd today introduces a version of PocketMetro 2.1


For mobile professionals, navigating the subway can be frustrating at times: in the middle of it all, finding the right path is always nearly impossible. With an integrated description of each public transportation network, PocketMetro 2.1 BlackBerry Edition can compute the shortest travel between two tube or light rail stations, instantaneously. It gives its user a complete roadmap between the start station and the end station, including the line changes. PocketMetro 2.1 BlackBerry Edition also takes into account the current day and time, so it can avoid closed stations and take the express lines. The large screen of most BlackBerry models makes it possible to display a complete roadmap without having to scroll.

PocketMetro 2.1 BlackBerry Edition is available for New York, London, Paris and Berlin, and more cities are on the way. Fully-functional trial versions can be downloaded for free from or directly to a BlackBerry device from