Krusell Handit Multidapt Case - Reviewed


Krusell Handit Multidapt

Krusell, a case manufactuer based out of Sweden is well-known for its high quality cases for various hardware including everything from PDAs to iPods. So it is quite fitting that our first case review would be one from Krusell. Today we look at the Handit Multidapt Blackberry 7510 model which has extra pockets for credit cards and business cards.

The case that we got directly from Krusell is built with high quality black Napa leather with matching stitching. The only branding by Krusell is a tasteful small metal badge on the front of the case. The quality is very apparent in the case, the leather is soft, the stitching is tight with no loose strays, and the fighting is almost perfect.

The Handit Multidapt is a flip-style case which means that you never take out your Blackberry. This helps fully protect your Blackberry but you do lose your “cradle” functions like automatically ending a call or standby mode when inserting your Blackberry into the OEM holster. For that sole reason some users maybe reluctant to switch over but with a flip-style case it is actually easier to check who’s calling and for any new emails.

The case opens and closes with a strap and snap function, although very secure we would have liked to see a magnet system which makes life easier. A quirk we did notice is when opening the case the back of the case hits the 7510’s antenna thus you need to open the case on an angle to bypass the antenna.

The main feature of the case are the extra pockets inside the flip part where you can hold your credit, debit, or business cards. It is quite tight when you first start using the spaces for your cards but after time the leather gives and becomes much easier. Another optional feature is the ability for a belt clip. We highly recommend the Krusell clip because it does not add much depth to the case, it is actually slimmer than the OEM holster.

All the port openings are very well engineered, the only complaint we had was that the case covers the very top part of the escape button. It’s not a big hassle but we can see people with fatter fingers getting annoyed. The other openings are placed right including the USB port, mic port, internal mic, direct connect button, and speaker phone.

Overall we were very impressed with the case from Krusell. We were actually surprise on how easy it was to ditch the Blackberry holster. The flip style actually makes sense especially for us who check email every 5 minutes. For a retail price of $29.99 the case is a great value considering the high quality Napa leather.

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