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Motorola HS850 – Reviewed


Motorola HS850
Motorola may best be known as a cell phone manufacturer but the past couple of years they have been pushing into the headset market. When Motorola released the HS810 it was widely praised and accepted by many consumers with its sleek looks and excellent engineering. Motorola wishes to strike gold again with the release of the HS850.

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Mobile Agent 3.0 by Phenomena Technologies Released


The Mobile Agent enables individuals to travel light without the concerns of forgetting important files on their personal computers back at the office. Access and share files (located on your office or home pc) from places you never imagined; taxis, airports, meetings, the deli. It”s easier than ever with the Mobile Agent.

Features Include:
* Send files from your home pc to anyone.
* Access and view documents, attachments on your mobile device.
* Save important attachments back to your desktop.
* Converts MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint/HTML/RTF, PDF and WordPerfect attachments and files to text automatically or on demand for easy viewing on your mobile device.
* Automatically unzips compressed attachments.
* Automatically monitors and forwards emails from multiple IMAP or POP3 accounts to your mobile device.

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Telus Mobility Drops Prices On Blackberry Handhelds


Telus Mobility has dropped the price of the Blackberry 7510 from $299 to $99 on a 3-year contract. Just two weeks ago we reported Telus dropped the price from $499 to $299. Everything is pointing to Telus introducing the new Blackberry 7520 very soon.

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Free Blackberry 7100r from iTravel2000


Blackberry 7100r
If Canadians felt left out with the all these American companies offering free Blackberrys, well no need to feel that way now. iTravel2000 is offering a free Blackberry 7100r for customers that purchase a flight for atleast $299.00 or a package deal for atleast $599.00. The terms included are that customers need to sign up for 3-years at a minimal plan of $60 a month through Rogers Wireless Canada.

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Ask US! Invalid Content When Installing A Program?


Sherri asked us,

I am getting this message of ‘Invalid Content’ when I am trying to download a program Over-The-Air with my Blackberry. Why am I getting this message when my other friend downloads the program just fine?

The reason why you are getting an ‘Invalid Content’ error on your Blackberry is because your company’s Blackberry administrator has decided to block any 3rd program installation on your device. Your best bet would to contact the Blackberry administrator and see whether they will change this policy. If not, you are pretty much out of luck unless you want to buy your own Blackberry handheld.

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New WLAN Portfolio Optimized for Voice, Multimedia, Converged Applications


SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Nortel* [NYSE/TSX: NT] is delivering the next step in a comprehensive vision for enterprise mobility that enables users to have a consistent, reliable and secure mobile experience no matter what they are doing, what device they are using, or where they are. Nortel’s ability to provide true mobility for customers is strengthened by the introduction of a broadened portfolio of wireless local area network ( WLAN ) products, including capabilities and features developed in concert with Trapeze Networks.

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