Send Us Your WES Report and Win A Free Idokorro Mobile SSH License

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If you will be attending WES (Wireless Enterprise Symposium) hosted by RIM tomorrow in Orlando, we greatly want your report on the show. This means anything, short and long articles, photos, journals, product reviews, after parties – anything! Idokorro the makers of Mobile SSH and Mobile Admin were kind enough to provide us with 3 free copies of their Mobile SSH progam ($95 value) to give away. Idokorro Mobile SSH is a program that allows you to remotely connect to your computer from your Blackberry handheld. Don’t let these copies go to waste, send us your stuff!

Email us:

You can read our reviews of Idokorro’s products below:

Idokorro Mobile SSH
Idokorro Mobile Admin

Visit Idokorro for more info …

  • iram saleem
    i like it very much
  • Puneet
    I wanna win a mobile. How can i win a mobile?Would you please tell me?
  • her
    yo! a fan from the far east!!! cute message though...maybe we should ask him to design wallpaper for us..
  • paramvir singh
    hi! i like the idea of giving away a blackberry in return of a wes report. i cant go for wes, but is there somethingn i can do for a blackberry? i am based out of india...
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