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In our first ever article for the series “Getting The Most From Your Blackberry”, Steven Bagdan a technology consultant from Southern California describes how he uses his Blackberry:

I am a computer consultant in Southern CA, and live on my Blackberry 7290 from T-Mobile. I have replaced (3) devices (over the years) with my Blackberry.

I used to carry a Motorola 2-Way Pager for email, a Pocket PC as an organizer, and a cell phone. Now I only carry my 7290 and I couldn’t live without it. I use it as my phone, my email device, my calendar; address book, memo pad, task list, etc… It has become an invaluable tool. My clients are all switching to the Blackberry and I am in process of moving a whole law firm to Blackberry. With the sync software available for legal calendaring software, lawyers can now carry their whole court calendar on their Blackberry.

I do play some games such as spider solitaire, texas hold-em, and cribbage all from Magmic. I have also signed up to beta the Wisespent a new financial management tool that syncs with Quicken (as seen on I also have and use a Motorola HS850 Bluetooth headset.

I guess one of the more interesting things I do, is keep track of client info (IP address’s, setup info, drive mappings, directions, etc…) with the memo pad, I have found that it is a very important piece of the Blackberry for me.

I could not live without my Blackberry, and I have several associates who feel the same. I have already had (4) clients switch their office’s from Treo to Blackberry.

Steven K. Bagdan
Bagdan Consulting, Inc.
Woodland Hills, CA 91303

For his submission Steven gets a free license key for bbSpell. Tell your own story on how you get the most from your Blackberry and receive free software from our sponsors. Email your submission to

  • Alexander B. Scoble
    I can't recommend the 7290 or the 7100 at all after testing them out. Reception on the quad band phones is much poorer than with the tri-band devices like the 7730.

    I've found that the 7290 and the 7100 really have a hard time finding new networks from within a building. If you can't provision the device from anywhere in your office building, what's the point?

    Yes, it has Bluetooth, twice the memory, the two step backlight system (press backlight button once and backlighting is dim, press it again and backlighting is much brighter), but the reception problems outweigh, at least in my mind, any benefits that you gain from the additional features.
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