SealedMedia adds Blackberry security line


The new Sealed Email for BlackBerry product line will be released in the third quarter as a means of sealing email files and Microsoft Office documents which then can be accessed securely on an authorized user’s BlackBerry. It will be licensed at $20,000. SealedMedia was formed in 1996, and launched its first commercial products in 2000, both in the UK and US. The company is privately held, and has now received four rounds of venture capital funding from Crescendo Ventures and Pond Venture Partners.

Sealed or encrypted content contains an indelible link back to the license server that was used to seal it. Regardless of how widely that content is distributed, it can be accessed only by an “unsealer” that can deduce from a metadata link within the sealed content where to go to obtain permissions to use the file. Sealed files can therefore be distributed by any mechanism, including broadcast or peer-to-peer, since they can only be accessed securely via an authorized unsealer installed locally on the PC on which the sealed content is being opened.

It is also possible to track potential unauthorized access by establishing the identity of both users and computers that attempt to access content without a valid license to do so. Access can be revoked at any time, rendering the sealed document useless because it is encrypted.

Having originally targeted publishing companies, SealedMedia has started to address the wider issue of security at play within different types of organizations. The business is small with about 40 staff and a customer base that includes Panasonic, Pearson Education, 3i and the Financial Times.