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I am a Software Test Engineer and owner of a small business that does wireless Hot Spots in Colorado. I use a 7520 on the Nextel iDEN network.

As a Software Test Engineer I can get out of the office and do some work and still be connected to my team via e-mail even without an internet connection.

As a Hot Spot owner the Black Berry allows me to get out and do sales adding new locations, if I do get a support call I can use MidpSSH to connect to one of our devices and trouble shoot, do a reboot, and to insure there is connectivity. Of course I still can get those support emails and respond accordingly.

I use Pocketday to help manage appointments, calls, weather and stocks. So far this is the only “for pay” program I could justify. I have not been able to make it worth buying HTML browsers or webmail viewers. I just use the normal WAP browser. That is not to say I am exctedly waiting for Nextel to realease the Black Berry browser so I can view full HTML, I am just willing to pay extra for it.

I carry two phone usually these days… for work/my business and the Black Berry for my personal phone number abd its data capabilities. It did allow for me not to have to carry a notebook PC or a iPAQ. I can usually handle all customer issues from the Black Berry. The only reason for that is I can pass of the “support” phone to someone else as I need or want too. My Black Berry is never far away from me.

So in the few months I have had a Blak Berry it has taken over my mobile phone life. Sometimes I even forward calls to it just to use and only carry one phone.

Byron L. Bacher
Unwired Access

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