“Blackberry: Too Long On the Vine” - Nitpick


BusinessWeek just published a review of the Blackberry 7290 by Steve Rosenbush that you can read here. Overall the article was decent but we have to question Steve’s knowledge of Blackberry devices. We are in no way trying to put Steve down because the point he iterates that the Blackberry device is only good for email is to put it bluntly a crock. Now I partly blame this on RIM’s marketing, yes push-email has made RIM what it is today but you can’t be a one trick pony forever, especially when companies like Good Technology and Microsoft are coming up. In reality, RIM isn’t a one trick pony and we try to prove that with our ‘Getting The Most’ articles but we’re just a small online site with minimal reach. Now this could change greatly if RIM made a conscious effort in promoting its 3rd party vendor solutions like Vettro Rainmaker for CRM, Idokorro for system administration, Aeroprise for mobile support, and hundreds of others.

Anyways enough of the rant, lets correct some of the points Rosenbush stated in his artcle:

But I wanted a model that was designed with e-mail in mind first and foremost, with the ability to edit documents created in Microsoft’s (MSFT ) Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Out of the box you can not edit documents you need to install 3rd party software like Dynoplex’s eOffice.

So about that e-mail: The 7290′s software has a unique approach. Other e-mail programs are designed for the desktop, with elaborate folders for incoming mail, sent items, and the like. BlackBerry dumps all of the user’s messages into a single box. Incoming and outgoing e-mail, voice mail and text messages, and more flow into the same list in chronological order.

The default email screen will dump everything into communal inbox but like we pointed out earlier this week you can filter the messages by incoming and outgoing messaging, phone log, SMS messages, voicemail, and direct call log. You can find how to do this here …

I’m willing to accept a somewhat more complicated folder-based e-mail system that allows me to file and organize as well as read my e-mail on the run. But the BlackBerry system is well thought out.

You can, if you’re on a BES your folders will look exactly like your Outlook window. You can see this by wheel-clicking -> view folders in your message screen.

Excellent choice for people who only care about e-mail in a mobile device

Not quite, yes RIM is best known for push-email but you can do so much more than that.