BBWeather Released

BBWeather is an application that displays current and forecast weather conditions for the 7XXX series of Blackberry’s. Features include multiple city profiles, 2-10 day forecast, and Fahrenheit/Celsius. Weather information comes from, so no more need to browse that site through your WAP browser and waiting forever. Best of all the program is released under the GNU license so it is completely free.

Download BBToday:

If you are out of the United States you will need to lookup the Weather Location ID at

12 Responses to “BBWeather Released”

  1. 1 jonathan

    download file is corrupt….. won’t unzip

  2. 2 Frank

    Got it to unzip but it won’t load. “Not all needed file avialable” or something like that.

  3. 3 Don

    Downloaded with no problem. However, when it came to use the program received the following error message: “Error:Could not find a service book entry for IPPP” I checked my BB7520 and there is a service book for IPPP. How do I get this program operational?

  4. 4 Chris

    opens and runs fine however, I do not know how to specify the current city I am in and locator ID freezes up my blackberry when I try to run it.

  5. 5 Mike

    Don, Did you ever get you issue resolved. I have just downloaded BBweather and have the same issue. Can you help? Mike

  6. 6 Bo

    Don and Mike if you are using web client disable MDS Proxy. You can find it under BBWeather Options.

  7. 7 Phill

    Bo, I just did a google search and found this site. (I’ll be sure to bookmark it!) I was having the same promblems Don and Mike were having. I was going to delete the program until I just read how easy it is to fix the problem.. Thank you, b/c I really did want this program on my BB.

  8. 8 Sandy Grant

    Will BBWeather soon/ever be available for Blackberry 8700 series owners?

  9. 9 Pete G

    I’m using web client and have disabled MDS Proxy per Bo’s 12/4/05 instructions. Both BBToday and BBWeather were working last week but now both won’t update. I have a 7520 with Nextel.Please help! Thanks.

  10. 10 radu

    I have configured as directed here, but each time its trying to retrieve weather, it comes with an Error message: “open tunnel - max timeout”. Any ideas why? Thank you

  11. 11 John

    This is one of the best BB weather apps I’ve used. I love it!

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