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Vodafone Spain Expands BlackBerry Offering


Vodafone Spain Introduces BlackBerry 7290, BlackBerry 7730 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 Vodafone Spain and Research In Motion have added BlackBerry Enterprise Server(TM) v4.0 as well as two new devices to the BlackBerry® portfolio available in Spain: the BlackBerry 7290(TM) and BlackBerry 7730(TM).

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M1 Launches BlackBerry from Vodafone in Singapore


M1 and Research In Motion have introduced the “BlackBerry® from Vodafone” solution for both corporate and individual customers in Singapore. As a Partner Network of Vodafone, M1 will have the exclusive rights to sell the “BlackBerry from Vodafone” solution to corporate, small business and individual customers in Singapore. M1’s offering will include the BlackBerry 7100v(TM) and BlackBerry 7290(TM).

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SealedMedia adds Blackberry security line


The new Sealed Email for BlackBerry product line will be released in the third quarter as a means of sealing email files and Microsoft Office documents which then can be accessed securely on an authorized user’s BlackBerry. It will be licensed at $20,000. SealedMedia was formed in 1996, and launched its first commercial products in 2000, both in the UK and US. The company is privately held, and has now received four rounds of venture capital funding from Crescendo Ventures and Pond Venture Partners.

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Getting The Most: Steven From Bagdan Consulting


Bagdan Logo
In our first ever article for the series “Getting The Most From Your Blackberry”, Steven Bagdan a technology consultant from Southern California describes how he uses his Blackberry:

I am a computer consultant in Southern CA, and live on my Blackberry 7290 from T-Mobile. I have replaced (3) devices (over the years) with my Blackberry.

I used to carry a Motorola 2-Way Pager for email, a Pocket PC as an organizer, and a cell phone. Now I only carry my 7290 and I couldn’t live without it. I use it as my phone, my email device, my calendar; address book, memo pad, task list, etc… It has become an invaluable tool. My clients are all switching to the Blackberry and I am in process of moving a whole law firm to Blackberry. With the sync software available for legal calendaring software, lawyers can now carry their whole court calendar on their Blackberry.

I do play some games such as spider solitaire, texas hold-em, and cribbage all from Magmic. I have also signed up to beta the Wisespent a new financial management tool that syncs with Quicken (as seen on I also have and use a Motorola HS850 Bluetooth headset.

I guess one of the more interesting things I do, is keep track of client info (IP address’s, setup info, drive mappings, directions, etc…) with the memo pad, I have found that it is a very important piece of the Blackberry for me.

I could not live without my Blackberry, and I have several associates who feel the same. I have already had (4) clients switch their office’s from Treo to Blackberry.

Steven K. Bagdan
Bagdan Consulting, Inc.
Woodland Hills, CA 91303

For his submission Steven gets a free license key for bbSpell. Tell your own story on how you get the most from your Blackberry and receive free software from our sponsors. Email your submission to

Extending Your Blackberry Battery Life


Auto On Off Screen
This tip comes from the ‘Mastering Your Blackberry Device’ presentation given by Andrew Bocking at WES 2005. Here is his tips on extending battery life.

1. Use the Auto On/Off feature (Options –> Auto On/Off) to have the device automatically power off and power on overnight.

2. When wireless coverage is not needed users should “Turn Wireless Off”.

3. Within the Profiles application on the device try to minimize the number of notifications for often-occurring events like new email messages. Chose between tone, vibrate or LED notifications to minimize the absolute number of notification types for such common events.

4. For new Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry devices when the user is not using Bluetooth they should “Turn Bluetooth Off”.

5. Lastly, when you are not using your device put it in the holster as this will power off the LCD screen to conserve power!

How Do You Use Your Blackberry?


The Blackberry device is known mainly for email but it can be much more powerful than that. We want to hear from you on how you get the most out of your Blackberry! Things like how you use it, how it helps you with your job, what software do you have installed, how it has changed your work, if it has made things easier/worst – anything!

We want to make this a regular column so we will be giving out free software licenses if we post your submission. Please email