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Getting Started in Blackberry Development


As more and more Blackberry devices are sold in the world, there will be greater need for Blackberry applications. Actually let me check that, the need is already great. Even though more applications are being released for the Blackberry platform, we still lack far behind Palm and Windows CE users. The market is there and if you’re a buding entrepeneur you have a great opportunity to make some money in the emerging Blackberry 3rd party software market. has a great article on how to start developing for the Blackberry platform so you can make your fortune. You can read it here …

How To Filter Your Message List


If you ever wanted to find a number that called or an older SMS and can’t find it through the hundreds of emails in your inbox, don’t worry. The Blackberry OS has pre-filtered hot keys that allows you to filter your message screen. Below is the list:

Alt + I – Shows all incoming messages.
Alt + O – Shows all outgoing messages.
Alt + P – Shows all phone call logs. -not on 7100 series.
Alt + S – Shows all SMS messages.
Alt + V – Shows all voicemail messages.
Alt + D – Shows all direct connect logs.

Nickel Buddy releases arcade game “Mad Stacker” for Blackberry


Mad Stacker
Nickel Buddy, LLC, a leading developer of software for handheld devices, announced that “Mad Stacker” has been released for all color Blackberry devices. The object of the game is to keep the playfield clear of blocks as long as possible. Every block has a symbol and a color and they must be stacked properly as they fall to keep them from piling up to the ceiling.

The game features a simple thumbwheel interface, great graphics, and addictive game play.

“Mad Stacker” runs on color Blackberry devices and you can find more info at …

Your Blackberry vs. Your Thumbs


All Headlines News reports that, Orthopedists say they are seeing an increasing number of patients with a condition known as “overuse syndrome” or “BlackBerry thumb” – caused by increasing use of handheld devices. The American Society of Hand Therapists issued a consumer alert in January saying that handheld electronics are causing an increasing amount of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. With that warning, the society included directions on how to properly hold the devices, urging users to take breaks and, if possible, place pillows in their laps so their wrists are in a more upright position.

Read the rest …

Orange Romania And RIM To Introduce BlackBerry In Romania


Orange Romania and Research In Motion today announced plans to introduce the BlackBerry® wireless platform to customers in Romania. Orange Romania will initially launch the BlackBerry 7290 Wireless Handheld(TM) and BlackBerry Enterprise Server(TM) v4.0.

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Worldmate 2005 Professional – Reviewed


We recently announced the release of Worldmate Pro by Mobimate which they coin to be ‘the ultimate business traveler’s mobile companion’. We previously did a review of the older Worldmate program and were very excited to review this version, especially with the new features. The new features include International Flight Schedule, Travel Information Center, and various updates to improve the speed. Read what we have to say below …

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