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iEnterprises Announces CRM On the Go


iEnterprises, Inc. today announced the availability of “CRM on the Go”, its new wireless CRM application for the BlackBerry(R) platform, developed by Research In Motion . The application provides a strong ROI by extending existing CRM investments and increasing mobile workers’ productivity. CRM on the Go interoperates with any CRM platform including Siebel,, and others. CRM on the Go can also work in an organization that has more than one CRM solution deployed internally, thus allowing them to mobilize their entire CRM infrastructure with a single product.

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Classic Game Of Backgammon Now Available For The Blackberry


Algerware has just released a backgammon game for all the Blackberry handhelds. When we say all, we mean it, the game is fully compatible from the early 857/957 to the newest 7100 models. Features include full color graphics, 20 different difficult settings, play against another person or computer(non-network play), and Doubling Cube.

The game retails for $7.95 at Neon Toad

Load PowerPoint Presentations On Your Blackberry


Impatica for BlackBerry Enterprise Server is the solution for viewing animated, graphically rich Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on BlackBerry handhelds. It seamlessly converts PowerPoint files attached to e-mail messages into a format compatible with the BlackBerry, so that PowerPoint attachments can easily be received and viewed on a BlackBerry handheld the way they are meant to be seen.

At WES2005, Impatica Inc. demonstrated a beta of its Impatica for PowerPoint client-server solution that effectively transfers a Blackberry (running System 3.8 or higher) into a presentation device for fully animated, graphical PowerPoint files. Price and date of availability are still unknown.

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QuickIM for BlackBerry Released


Quick IMQuickIM MSN Messenger is an instant messaging software developed to run on the BlackBerry devices has been released. QuickIM is a proxy-less program which enhances security and allows for a one-time fee instead of subscription based. The program retails for $19.99 on Neon Toad

Additional Features include:

– Use a contact list on which you can see the status (online/offline/busy) of your contacts
– Discuss in private or multiple users chat sessions simultaneously
– Use text or emoticons (true emoticons support with graphical display in the message area) to communicate
– Add or delete contacts from your contact list
– Block a contact from seeing you in his/her buddy list for more privacy
– Personalize the look of the application by changing text colors, language or skin colors.

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Vodafone plans own ‘push’ email service


Vodafone Group PLC plans to launch a service across Europe that will deliver e-mails to handsets from several different manufacturers, according to people familiar with the situation. The move by the world’s largest cellphone-service provider in terms of revenue will ratchet up the competitive pressure on Research In Motion Ltd. of Waterloo, Canada, which currently dominates the market for so-called push e-mail with its popular BlackBerry device.

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Blackberry Third-Party Application Sales On The Rise


HandangoHandango, the leading provider of mobile downloads, has identified a collection of trends indicating that third-party applications for BlackBerry®, developed by Research In Motion, have reached a tipping point – the point at which sales begin to accelerate exponentially based on a variety of market factors. Handango has increased its investment in BlackBerry technology with a new version of Handango InHand for BlackBerry, Handango’s white label on-device catalog and download manager solution, as well as a new consumer newsletter for BlackBerry and marketing programs for BlackBerry developers.

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