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My name is Ryan and I work at a financial institute here in NYC. I have been reading Blackberry Cool for a couple months and have really enjoyed it. I think your ‘Getting The Most’ articles are a good idea. I too was one of those people who just recently used their BlackBerry for email only. My first Blackberry was a 957 which was only good for email and have upgraded since to a 7100t. I am very impressed with the evolution of the BlackBerry handhelds.

Like I mentioned before, email is crucial especially with my type of work. It allows me to stay in constant contact with the office and clients. But with my new 7100 I have been exploring what the BlackBerry can offer me. I found out it truly can be an instant information mobile hub. I have set Google Alerts for various companies that I track so whenever any breaking news comes in, I am notified right away by email. I also subscribe to Quotestream a stock streaming program which I usually have on all the time during the day. This program allows me to keep track of over 50+ stocks that I watch closely. Another program I use is Newsclip which allows me to subscribe to news sites so once again I can stay informed. I am truly grateful to Blackberry Cool for making me aware that Newsclip even existed, before that I was reading news through the BlackBerry browser which was way too tedious.

As you can tell I am an information freak but my livelihood depends on it. Not everything is all work on the BlackBerry, I do have one game installed on it. I just bought Texas Hold’em King from Magmic which I enjoy during the ‘off’ times.

Yes I do admit I am one of those ‘crackberry’ addicts and could never see myself without one.


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    Nice post. In the spirit of “Getting the Most,” though, I should point out that Texas Hold’em King, and a few other Magmic games, can be downloaded for free through Incidentally, with the second version of Hold’em coming out soon, I don’t know whether the original Hold’em will continue to be offered, so download soon if you haven’t done so already!

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