Ipsos-Reid Survey Finds Benefits For Businesses from Blackberry Deployment

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Ipsos-Reid a global survey-based market research group, carried out the study, which was conducted with 490 IT managers responsible for managing BlackBerry in their firms, and 210 BlackBerry end users. The goal of the study was to find the benefits of a Blackberry deployment, one should be aware that the survey was funded by RIM.

Some key findings were:

- 98% found an increase in productivity.
- Typical user recovered 54 minutes a day.
- Personal time increased by 27 minutes a day.
- Team worked was improved by better communication and workflow.
- Average number of emails received was 48 a day.
- Average user was away from the office 39% of the time.
- TCO calculated at $1,264.
- Average support time per user was 23 minutes a month.

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