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QuickIM Reviewed

QuickIM is an instant messenger programs for your Blackberry supporting the public MSN network. A major advantage of QuickIM is that it connects directly to the MSN servers so there is no monthly fee. We’ve seen these types of instant messenger programs before so read further to see if QuickIM can compete.


Blackberry’s Desktop Manager Application Loader (no OTA install available at time of review)
The install was straight forward and easy. Add it in the Application Loader and off it went with no issues. There is also a trial version available on the QuickIM website.

Setting up

When you first start QuickIM it brings you to where you set up your account. The obvious userid and password are asked for here. Click your wheel to save then you get a prompt to “save account settings?”, click your wheel and choose save, which was a little annoying but moving on.


Then you use your wheel to choose connect, annoying message next “Do you want to connect to server and login?” click wheel and choose yes and the connection begins. There is a status bar indicating the time it is taking to connect which is usually under 20 seconds. Once connected it brings you to your contacts list.

Contact list

This is clean and to the point. Adding/removing contacts is easy and a couple clicks. My contact list held 19 contacts which are all viewable within a scroll or two. Online at the top and offline listed below. Online and offline differentiated by online being green and offline being red. I did see some inconsistency in its accuracy. I use multiple IM accounts on MSN and it would tell me one of my accounts, I know is connected, is offline. So I couldn’t send anything to that account. It did work in the reverse though. The account it showed offline could IM me.

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