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QuickIM Reviewed


Sending and receiving IMs is responsive. More so than I had thought it would be. Not as quick as on a PC but pretty close. I was even IM’ing a buddy on dial up and didn’t see a hit on performance. He also was impressed with it. He couldn’t tell a difference between the account signed on with the Blackberry and the one signed on with a PC. Opening a chat session is simple. Highlight the person you wish to IM, click the wheel and choose select or new chat. This brings up a “New conversation window”. Here it isn’t obvious what to do. If you start typing it takes you to an “enter your message prompt” window comes up where you can start your IM message. Now I have been making a habit of hitting space bar, which brings me into the window, but if you just start typing the first letter or two will be missing, hence the space bar to get me there and start typing. Once you have typed in your message you hit the wheel, choose send and off the message goes. My buddy likes the smiley faces and most of those came through. Not a big deal to me but something that surprised me a bit. There is an option to run this in the background so you can do other things maybe while someone stepped away. If you have a chat session open then the person who is in the chat session with you can cause the program to pop up from the background when they send their message. This seemed to work pretty well. I did run into an issue though when trying this out. If you don’t do anything then your stand by screen comes up. If this happens and you try to use the alt + esc to get back to QuickIM it bring you back to the startup screen where you options are to connect, edit account, settings, Help and About, but the world shows you still connected. Then if you try to connect it will disconnect, as shown by another account, and attempts to log you back in. Sometimes this works sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t you just need to exit out completely and go back in.


All the menus are to the point. Once you get to one all the options that are available to you are obvious.


I didn’t make calls and send e-mails for the purpose of this review. I did look at their forums. Forums to me are Mecca for information about new things to me. Most questions have been asked and answered. The disappointed a little bit. I really didn’t find too much information. This is a fairly new product so it just may take some time and a user base to improve their forums.


This product still needs to mature and grow, as I think it will. It is a straight forward BlackBerry IM client for MSN Messenger with a couple quirks. Chatting is responsive and performs well when you are actively chatting. I think this has to do with them not using a proxy server which also explains why there is a one time fee and not a monthly or yearly. Adding and removing contacts is simple just scrolling wheel clicks away. Considering it is for only one IM provider (MSN) it is a little pricey at $24.99 but if you need a reliable IM client for MSN on your Blackberry this is a solid choice.

The program is available for $24.99 at Neon Toad,

Reviewed by Byron Bacher

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